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Unnamos Global Solutions is formed by professionals with a consolidated experience of more than 20 years in different sectors.


Unnamos Global Solutions is formed by professionals with a consolidated experience of more than 20 years in different sectors.


Our experience in Eastern Europe represents a key added value in succeeding in such a competitive market. We will help you out throughout the internalization process of your own company and to get the most competitive costs.

Every outsourcing process, whether in terms of basic consultancy to a global outsourcing of logistic services, requires trust. Unnamos Global Solutions brings to maximum expression the two basic pillars to get it: non-disclosure agreements with non-disclosure clauses over the information and our win-win method: our company earns money just if we make you earn it.

By means of logistic benchmarking, we can get to know if the expenses and the operational management is the most efficient and we do take the most suitable corrective measures to be more and more competitive.

Logistic auditing

Consists in figuring out if the company is able to set the strategic objectives at the operational level in logistics. We take care of clients´ demands as well as client service.


The collection of data is essential. Big data tools help us out to understand the situation of the company.


Changes to be made are planned along with the company and where we want to be in a specific period of time.


Our Interim management service guarantees to meet client´s goals

FTL (Full Truck Load)

We define routes to optimize resources providing the most professional and quality service your clients demand.

We provide real solutions for real issues by reducing costs.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years, we can help our clients to be more efficient when planning routes. Better efficiency in driving times, inefficient kms, with or without load, production costs per km…etc.

We will help you to find the most suitable professionals at European level for your FTL activity

LTL (Less Than Truck Load)
and Warehousing


Guidance and advising throughout location, construction, rental or purchasing processof warehouse.


depending on the type of the product and client´s needs, decreasing inefficiencies, optimizing space and unnecessary costs.


STAFF RECRUITMENT and training with an emphasis on work safety.

AGREEMENTS  with subcontractors.


Business Strategy

In such a competitive sector as logistics is crucial to foresee and adjust to changing times with dynamism. In Unnamos Global Solutions we give priority to strategic consultancy. We think relation with clients is a long-term business relationship. How do you see your company within 10 years? Would you like to internationalize your company with the most competitive cost? We will help you to define and implement an effective business plan.

  • SWOT analysis.
  • Economic and financial viability of projects.
  • Market analysis
  • Outsourcing process support. We help you to open subsidiaries wherever needed, legal support…

Economic and Financial management

  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Management reports and specific KPIS
  • Finance restructuring plan
  • Costs optimisation with own central purchasing body
  • Negotiation with subcontractors.
  • Cost accounting.

Tax and legal advice

We can help you to take your business global which is not always easy. Lack of knowledge of foreign market may hamper growth strategy.
In Unnamos Global Solutions we are professionals with extensive experience to advise you in terms of taxes and law in your internalization process.

We will provide you a wide range of services to help you stablish your business in Poland and by getting the best advantaged in terms of taxes and legal issues.


Do you need independent professionals to supervise your project? With our interim management service we assure your project will be completely under control and with the results you are looking for, both locally and internationally. We can cover management positions for both, a punctual or permanent project, with the commitment of Unnamos Global Solutions to achieve the objectives previously set.

  • New openings of subsidiaries for FTL, LTL and Warehousing.
  • We take care of your subsidiaries profitability.
  • Supervision and monitoring – Active Management.
  • Management board.

100% Results Oriented


In Unnamos Global Solutions we are very aware of the real need companies have to cover specialist jobs. Labour market does not always sort this problem out and it happens that labour market does not cover all the needs a fix term project might require.

Unnamos Global Solutions provides professionals to enhance your business. All our staff are multilingual and qualified in the sector.

Minimise the structure costs by turning fix costs into variable with first level professionals. Save costs and improve productivity. You can terminate the agreement at any time.

Outsourcing at any stage of the supply chain. We can design in accordance with customers´needs to implement solutions that improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

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